Opening Soon in Southwest Las Vegas

31,000 SF New Facility 60 In-Patient Beds.


The Foundation for Positively Kids is a local non-profit organization founded in 1999 by Fred Schultz, which provides quality healthcare to medically fragile and/or developmentally delayed children through a care coordination approach with programs such as Early Intervention, Behavioral Health, Home Health, Skilled Respite, and two medical clinics.

We want to Do More!


With over 27,000 children born in Clark County, Nevada, 13-15% are classified as medically fragile. In addition, there are approximately 5,000 children who have been hurt through near drownings, head injuries, and other traumatic accidents. The need is overwhelming and currently, many of these children have to go to either an adult facility or out-of-state for care, which adds to the stress and additional expenses for families to have to take care of a sick child. 

The Need is Critical

Plans are in place to construct and operate a “Center for Special Needs Children” at 6070 West Post Road on a vacant 1.8 acre approved site.  There is not a skilled pediatric facility in Nevada.  Children are either cared for at home, entered into a senior care facility or shipped out of state.