About Positively Kids

Fred Schultz, CEO of Positively Kids, plans to construct a for profit, 60 bed “Skilled Pediatric Facility” in SW Las Vegas to provide in- house, 24 hour patient care serving our community’s medically fragile children needing more than out patient care.

The Foundation for Positively Kids, as a nonprofit, has since 1999 provided quality outpatient healthcare services to children with special medical needs. Positively Kids provides such out-patient services as early intervention, medical day care, skilled respite, skilled nursing services, as well as operating their high-risk newborn clinic. Positively Kids coordinates their services closely with area hospitals, NICU units, local midwives, the Health District and the Maternal and Child Health Coalition.

The mission of Foundation for Positively Kids is to deliver high quality healthcare service for Southern Nevada children with an emphasis on providing quality of life care for medically fragile and/or developmentally delayed children ages birth to 18 and their families.

Fred Schultz, CEO of Positively Kids, since 1999, recognizes there is a significant gap in services for special needs children that require longer-term, 24-hour-a-day skilled nursing services and/or life-sustaining equipment in order to survive. These critically ill children currently face in-home care or in many cases, institutionalized care in a nursing home or out of state facility. There needs to be a better solution

Positively Kids helps families

Meet the Krause family and their beautiful son Ryan. At birth, Ryan’s parents were faced with a number of challenges regarding his health. This is the story of how Positively Kids helped this amazing family down the road to a healthy life for their son. There is still more to be done and the new facility, when constructed will be a great asset to the community!