Special Needs Children

The “Center for Special Needs Children” is a “for-profit” Pediatric Extended Care/Skilled Nursing Unit:

The Center will be comprised of 3 important components offered by the Center for Special Needs Children.

  1. Longer term in- house care for medically fragile children

  2. 24-Hour Special Needs Respite Care Unit

  3. Pediatric Special Needs Clinic

The New Center will provide longer term in-house care for medically fragile children

At present, there are no similar facilities in Clark County or the State of Nevada.  The “Center for Special Needs Children” will be a skilled pediatric nursing/long-term care, respite facility providing needed therapies on-site.  Having such a center in Las Vegas could help reduce family’s financial and emotional hardship due to long distance travel for care and local critical services for children that is difficult or almost nonexistent to find in Clark County.

Presently, children in Las Vegas in need of these services are cared for in their family homes, placed in foster homes or senior care facilities within the County or sent  to a limited number of facilities  (with limited numbers of available beds) in California,  Arizona and Utah. The cost to Clark County and/or the State of Nevada for this out-of-state care is much higher than it would be if provided locally. This lack of service is a hardship on the families, and foster families, of the patients who must travel long distances to care for and visit their children.

These children are medically stable. Yet either by birth or through an accident requires longer-term, 24-hour-a-day skilled nursing services and/or life-sustaining equipment to survive and improve when possible.  Some patients will receive regularly scheduled therapies (physical, occupational, audiology, or speech) within the facility; and for some out-patient therapy visits can be accommodated.

There are approximately 27,000 children born in Clark County every year, approximately 15% who are medically fragile. Additionally, 5,000 to 6,000 children each year need services because of head trauma, drownings, traumatic accidents or injuries.  Length of stay for children will vary from patient to patient. Some may need care for only a few days, some for weeks or months.

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Center for Special Needs Children